Monday, December 21, 2015

Back to Normal

The  weather is what I'm referring to....not us.  Not sure we were ever normal to begin with.

Our high today should be near 80.  That's about ten degrees higher than our 'cold front' gave us.  Sure liked those cooler temperatures for sleeping.

We drove into Stuart yesterday to check out the Farmers Market.  I didn't buy anything.  My fridge is full of goodness.  Next up was walking the river walk.  We headed over to the marina and this part of the walk was good, the wind was at our backs, blowing south across the St Lucie River.  Jim wandered all the piers while I halted after one.  My Antiquarian loves to look at boats.  And by doing that he gets an extra mile in his walk.

Walking back to the truck found us facing into the wind and it was refreshing to say the least.  I should mention that it was about 69 degrees outside.  Not exactly cold, but not what everyone thinks is South Florida temperatures.

Our next stop was the Treasure Coast Mall.  This is where we go to walk when the weather is bad.....but we just walked!  Jim needed to Christmas shop so I got to people watch.  Boy were there a lot of people shopping and milling about.  After a while I got bored and went to the Brass Tap, very convenient to have a sports bar right in the mall!  I had just got my beer when Jim showed up so we had a bite to eat because it was way past lunch time.

Next up was Target.  Not to shop and I was glad of that because the store was packed with customers.  I just needed to make a payment on my card.  Quick and easy.

Then we headed home.  Sonsearae and Chris went to see the new Star Wars movie and when they got home Sonsearae and I left to go to Publix.  I didn't need anything, I just went along to keep her company.  She's been working long hours and we haven't seen much of her.  I did manage to buy a bag of grapefruit and a bottle of wine....both on sale of course!

Do you meditate?  I'm trying to devote some time everyday to meditation.  It isn't easy with my pesky dog.  So I try to start my day with some me time.  It isn't as easy as you'd think it could be.  There I am breathing in, breathing out and all I can hear is the CLOCK ticking. :-)  I'm told it should be easier with practice!

Watched some football then PBS in the evening.
All is right in our world....I hope....Jim went shopping for my present today  :-)