Thursday, December 17, 2015

Staying busy

We've been keeping busy with small chores around the house. Jim recaulked the kitchen sink and it looks ever so nice.  He also emptied the black tank.

I've done laundry of course, yesterday was bed day.  I managed to get my Christmas cards addressed and sent.  With all this warm weather it's hard to get into the spirit of Christmas.

Found a box of cereal that the mice had gotten  into. But nothing to report on sightings or trapped.  This is good! I think something is living above the living room.  Most mornings I hear them scrambling about.  I wonder if those gadgets that put out pulses actually work at driving mice away?

Jim is getting a new iPad Air and it was supposed to come yesterday. It requires a signature and UPS went to the wrong house and left a note.  Kind neighbor brought us our packages and the note.  So perhaps today it will come.  I know he will like it, I've had mine for a year and use it daily.  Compared to the original one it is lighter than air.

Sonsearae is working long hours at the post office.  This time of year is hectic and we don't see a lot of her.  Sunday we were all together  and she popped over last night when she got home.  It was a lovely way to end our day.

We're still drying out but we've not had any rain for a couple days.  I guess I better check the plants to see if they need a drink.  The last couple of mornings it has been foggy, it makes the trees look ghostly.

Are you ready for Christmas? Do you decorate? I guess I should dig out our tree and set it up....but that means I'll have to clean.

All is right in our world