Thursday, December 10, 2015

will this rain never end?

Yesterday was a busy day for both of us.  Jim did the breakfast dishes and the lunch dishes!  Laundry for me and making the bed.

I picked up the big rug, set it outside and vacuumed the living room.  While I was doing this Jim shook the rug, came inside and in that space of time it started to I took the rug next door and popped it in the dryer.

Our lunch was easy.  Leftover fried rice from my luncheon.  I also made a cabbage slaw and used a ginger dressing....and Jim did the dishes, again.

While Jim napped I got out some supplies and made some Christmas Cards. When he got up we walked Boo and checked the mail.  The rain showers came and went most of the afternoon.  Nothing heavy just annoying.  Did have a couple rainbows.

I fixed Enchilada stew for our dinner....I stubbed my toe on the chili powder because it was almost inedible.  I had a bowl but I doctored it with a quarter cup of guacamole and a lot of corn chips.  Gave the whole thing to Sonsearae.  I'll make it again because the flavor is good and most of the time I'd have the ingredients on hand.  It's basically spices, beans and corn, broth and tomato sauce.

TV was on all evening and we watched reruns of Castle and Tiny House Nation.  Jim was on his computer playing a game and I was doing the same.  I did the evening dishes

I'm not a huge fan of Spanish Moss because wherever it hangs it kills the tree.  But this was pretty impressive at the Heathcote garden

All is right in our world