Friday, December 11, 2015

Dare I say it?  I'll probably jinx us....but I must say it was very nice to be out and about yesterday and it didn't rain on us!  We did drive one area where the road was still wet from a shower but we, personally, didn't see any rain.  It may have sprinkled over night because the picnic table is wet.  As I type this I can see some clear skies but to the east there are banks of clouds obscuring the rising sun.  

It doesn't make much sense to wash the windows when you have to do it daily.  But they are so water spotted it's depressing to look through them.  Last Sunday Jim raised the front jacks to get the water off the slides and it needs it again.

This day was a laundry day.  I stripped the bed and got busy right after breakfast.  I could just remake the bed with clean sheets but then I'd have to launder the soiled ones and fold them.  I find it more convenient to just wash and put them back on the bed.

We had an appointment to get Boo groomed yesterday so we dropped him off at PetsMart just before lunch.  Speaking of lunch that's what we did next, went to lunch at Sake Too.  It's one of our favorite places, they serve Japanese and Thai foods. Jim ordered a Bento Box with tempura and I tried something new, a Thai veggie dish with tofu.  We both had hot green tea and the meal came with miso soup.  We brought food home.

Our next stop was Home Depot.  Jim had been looking for a hose splitter connection for about a month and he needed some clear silicone to redo the Kitchen sink.  I wanted some plants.  Sonsearae has two hanging pots that have hung out front since they arrived.  There was spindly pathos in them that died from lack of attention.  I was tired of looking at them so I replaced them with New Guinea Impatiens.  The purple flowers and dark green leaves look pretty.  I wanted to get some herbs for the empty pots but didn't like the selection.  I'll have to look elsewhere.

Our next stop was Sams Club to fuel up.  What are diesel prices where you live?  We paid $2.24 per gallon.  That's wonderful for this area and Florida in general.  Since we were here we went inside to see if we could find dessert.  And we did!  Coconut cake was being passed out and I must say the sample we got was mighty tasty.  Perfect size and we didn't have to buy it.  Made a couple purchases from my list, then we left.

Headed to Publix next for the remainder of my list and soon we were killing time over at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  We strolled around the store looking for something to buy (Jim's Words).  I get mobile coupons and it was about to expire so I picked up a box of Tazo tea because I was out of it.  Then the call came to pick up Boo!

All of our shopping was done so we headed home.  Took us a bit to get our purchases unloaded and the plants hung.  By then it was time to feed Boo and have afternoon coffee.  Jim did while I abstained.  I rarely have coffee in the afternoon these days.  Sometimes I don't even finish my morning cup of coffee.  I continued with the laundry and eventually made the made.

When we walked Boo and checked the mail I retrieved my camera from the truck.  I try to take it every time we head out because you never know when an opportunity for photos will present itself.  Any way I was wandering around with it in my pocket when I spotted the Painted Bunting on the ground searching for food.  So I filled the tube feeder and he must have been watching because as I put the container away he settled in for dinner.

Not the best photo but you can see the vivid colors this little bird wears.  He definitely is a bright spot in any day

All is right in our world