Saturday, December 5, 2015

Life is good!

Typical start to my day.  After breakfast I started working.  Laundry started, bed stripped, did the dishes.  If you recall Sonsearae dropped her car off at the Honda dealership for diagnostic and repair.  Friday we drove her there to pick it up.  We left around 1100 and though there wasn't any sun there wasn't any rain either!  Once she got the paperwork done she was on her way to work and we headed out for lunch.

We stopped in at Tijuana Flats, restaurant we've been to several times.  I guess you could call it fast food.  You order at the counter from a set menu and they bring it to your table. They do serve draft beer!  I always get the Noritto bowl. Have you ever had a burrito?  Rice, beans, guacamole, lettuce, pico de gallo, cheese and a sour cream drizzle without the wrap!  Any way I like it because I can get it without meat.  Jim also ordered one.  It's a lot of food and we both brought some home, about a third of it.

Next stop was Best Buy where I was going to save a stamp and pay on our account.  Well after a short wait at the customer service counter I was told maybe I could pay at the checkout register. Since both lines were busy and that would mean more waiting I left.  I'll just mail it off and contribute to Sonsearae's retirement fund.  She works for the Post Office!

Still hadn't rained, but taking no chances, we headed to the Treasure Coast Mall to do a wee bit of walking.  My goodness that place was crowded for a Friday.  Jim managed two loops to my one.  He likes to walk fast to get his heartbeat up.  I can no longer keep up that pace because of my hip.  It's funny, when we decided to hit the road I thought it would be wonderful to go on hikes and see nature.  But Jim had trouble with his feet so that was out.  Now it's my hip that slows us down.  He still has a foot problem but he does therapy for it and it helps him walk further.

We had one more stop at Walgreen's to pick up some benedryl for Boo.  I use the children's and we use it to help us all sleep.  He's had it the last two nights and no excessive scratching I'm happy to report.  The hot spot had I nice scab on it yesterday and I applied some topical medicine last evening.  

Back home Jim napped while I continued to work. Folded clothes and continued washing and drying sheets.  I did check my eyelids for light leaks for about 45 minutes after reading a magazine.  Beer at lunch just makes you want to snooze the afternoon away.

Car shows, Star Trek for TV viewing.  We finished our bowls for dinner.

All is right in our world