Monday, December 14, 2015

Family Day

We headed out Sunday around 1030, Jim driving and Sonsearae and Chris riding in the back of the truck....not really, they sat in the back seat.  We stopped to get sandwiches and headed to Hobe Beach.
We sat under the pavilion and enjoyed our meal but fought the wind!  We had to anchor each flimsy item in order for it not to blow away.  No matter the 'breeze' was wonderful and it wasn't raining.

As you can see in these pictures the surf was churning up the beach and one intrepid soul was trying to surf.  There were quite a few people enjoying the day but staying out of the water.  Red flags were posted and I believe there was a rip current to contend with

Next stop was Lion Country Safari in Loxahatchee.  We had some sprinkles while we drove through but since you have to leave your windows up and stay in your vehicle it didn't matter except when I wanted to take pictures


you will notice some pictures are a wee bit darker.  these were probably taken through our tinted side windows

Lions...Unfortunately it was raining and the males were under cover

Asiatic Water Buffalo


Wildebeest and black ibis

Grant's Zebra

a wee baby zebra


This young one was very close to the truck

One of the fatest iguanas I've ever seen.  I think he enjoys being in the monkey enclosure

Sarus Crane


double yellow headed parrot


At the Lorie enclosure Jim made a new friend.  We think the Rainbow Lorie liked his blue shirt

they sure are colorful birds

Blue and Gold Macaw


Scarlet Macaw


Sonsearae wanted to pet some animals but all they had at the petting zoo was goats so she found this semi friendly critter.  She backed off once it spit at her!

We did encounter some rain while we strolled the grounds but sheltered under an overhang.  The Jungle like atmosphere of the amusement park is beautiful and there is a lot for everyone to see and do.  

Our drive home through the sugar cane fields was uneventful and we encountered very little traffic.  It was a wonderful afternoon

And the Saints won!  I guess we should leave home and not watch the game so they can win more often

We watched PBS and I got to see an episode of Downton Abby!

No more mice caught....perhaps they've gotten the message and moved on.

Today was an exciting day....Jim went to Walmart for an oil change.  He dropped me off at  Sam's Club and I walked around trying to find something to buy.  

Went to lunch at Mikata Buffet, our first time there.  The usual mix of Asian and American dishes.  We both had a beer and lunch only cost us $21...not bad....

Back home Jim laid down for a nap and I read for awhile.  Fed Boo and potted up a couple plants.

All is right in our world