Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Little bit of this and that

I guess I'm still recovering from the marathon walking on Sunday.  Last night my hip decided to keep me awake. I've yet to find a happy medium.  I know when I walk and stay a bit active all is well.  But if I overdo it my hip pains me.  It's kinda scary when it gives out because I sure don't want to fall!

Enough of that...Yesterday was a typical day for us I did my chores (will there ever come a time when I won't have to?).  Jim went for a walk and was gone forever!  He walked three miles.  Once home he showered because it was humid yesterday.

For our midday meal I made spaghetti sauce throwing in some Gardein meatballs. After that simmered for awhile I cooked the pasta and we had us a bowl of spaghetti. We both enjoyed a glass of Chianti.  

Do you sit a table for your meals?  Yesterday Jim read his book and I played a game of cards while we ate.  

After our meal I did dishes and Jim changed out the wiper blades on the truck and washed the windshield.  He came back inside and read some more then snoozed on the sofa.

Boo is still scratching so yesterday I started dosing him with a topical medicine.  When I examined him I did find a couple red spots.

We have a lot of small containers of leftovers so we tried to eliminate a couple last night as our evening meal.  Jim had a couple slices of pizza.  I had sweet potatoes and green beans.

Now that the holiday season is in full swing on TV our viewing will be hit or miss.  We watched a fantasy movie Immortals last night.  Sure wasn't the worse film I've watched but pretty close!

All is right in our world