Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Vermont and Friendship

Our friends Anne and Scotty have invited us to Vermont every summer since we met them.  We met in the Rio Grande Valley at Bentsen Palms Village RV Resort in 2007.  That was the year I was so sick!  Jim took to riding his trike all over the resort and discovered Anne and Scotty had the same type of trike.  From this our friendship grew and even though we don't see our friends for much of the year we do manage to visit every now and then.

I think we were in Asheville North Carolina when we decided to come north to visit with them.  Sharing this time with them has been interesting to say the least.  

When we arrived in July little did we know how the summer would turn out.  We met Lauren and Dave when they came and stayed a few weeks.  Then Pat and Vern showed up for a few days. Things were really hoppin' with four rigs here!  They dubbed this the Redneck Campground.  Around this time a neighbor came by and gifted us with food and drink!  Corn on the cob, green beans, summer squash, 5 pound bags of potatoes, wine, jellies, pickles and relishes.  Very generous and all because we wanted to buy some corn and he had closed down his stand because of thieves.  I'd say this was Vermont generosity at it's finest.

Scotty had his hip replaced then we discovered Jim's angina and the need for four bypasses.  Scotty got his medical release the 1st of October.  Being the wonderful friends they are, Anne and Scotty are hanging around until Jim is medically released tomorrow.  Normally they'd have been long gone by now.

The weather has gone from sunny, chilly days to damp, rainy and cold.  Packing up is a bear in this weather and Jim can't lift anything over ten pounds.  We're all chipping in and doing chores that have to be done.

I...We can't thank Anne and Scotty enough for staying and enduring this awful cold weather...Couldn't ask for better friends.