Sunday, October 12, 2014

Geese are flying south

  Over the past week or so we've seen and heard geese heading south.  I think it's time to leave Vermont!  When I got up this morning it was 38 degrees outside and there was frost on the vehicles.....brrrr

No doubt about it, it's beautiful here this time of year and I'm glad we came.  Anne and Scotty have been wonderful hosts and were could have left the first week in October.  We have to wait until Jim is released by his surgeon and that should happen on the 23rd.

Jim is doing great and this morning he walked his first mile.  This is a condition of his release...we hope they'll take his word for it :-)  But I'm sure if a treadmill is involved he'll do it!

We're all making travel plans and hope to leave on the 24th.  The Scott's will travel with us for a few days to make sure Jim and I can travel without help.  Just as long as we can get far enough south to avoid freezing weather I think we'll do ok.