Monday, October 27, 2014

Time to move on

I think we've both enjoyed our stay here in Aberdeen.  Not that we've done anything exciting.  But sitting still for a few days and getting chores done and being 'normal' has been restful.

After our stay in the quiet, Vermont country side with Anne and Scotty we both noticed 'noise' here.  The far off train, the shush of traffic, the random siren the base sets off (?) and the sound of our neighbors.  I guess we're back in civilization.  Right now I'll take it

Last night we went out for dinner last and it was good!  The Bayou serves a varied menu but I was there for the crab cake.  I had one and it was huge and I'm glad I only had one.  My sides were mashed potatoes and stewed tomatoes.  Jim ordered Stuffed Shrimp with a salad and fries.  You know how restaurants bring out bread, crackers, maybe boiled potatoes for starters?  Well this place brought out veggies and dip!  We both enjoyed this treat along with crackers with our beer.  Also two small French bread dinner rolls. No dessert!

Needless to say we left stuffed!  On the way home we stopped for fuel paying $3.39 for diesel.  One more stop at Dollar Tree for a new broom.  Love paying only a buck for a broom. 

Jim washed several layers of mud off our truck today. It looks a lot better but he says it isn't clean.

Tomorrow we're off to Richmond Virginia