Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fayetteville, North Carolina

We were on the road at 0945 Thursday Morning!  Not much to do when you stay one night and there's no sewer to mess with.  Once again we were on I-95 and the drive was about 215 miles....miles and miles and miles.  I think we made three stops to break it up

More and more the trees became pines.  With splashes of color interspersed between them.

One thing we noticed after crossing into North Carolina is the trash.  Everywhere we looked there were dead animals, litter and pieces of tires.  Even the mowed areas were trashy because the mowers just mowed over the trash.  Not very pretty.  

I did notice wildflowers and plantings at several interchanges and that was nice.  Some could use a little TLC.

One 12 mile stretch of the highway warned of 14 foot overpasses and apparently the guy driving the 'half' house wasn't aware of how tall the house was.  We saw him pulled over, leaning heavily towards the side of the road and traffic was backed up about a mile and a half on the north bound side of I-95

We arrived at Lazy Acres Campground around 1400 and while Jim was checking us in I took these pictures.  It's a very nice place with a lot of trees

to my left some open sites

directly ahead, not the most ideal spot unless you like to watch the comings and goings of everyone.  Perhaps the view out back is nice.

To the right is a catch and release pond

Full hook ups, a lovely cement patio with a fire ring, lots and lots of trees (pine and oak) and sand.  A bit pricey at $36 a night but I'm sure monthly rates are better.  The site we're in has an electric meter.

We're also on the end and this patio has a treed area to block the road.

We needed fuel so we headed out for some dinner at Cracker Barrel.  Found a station selling diesel for $3.49, not as cheap as Virginia but still better than $3.89 +

Today Jim has been doing small chores outside.  Water filters and connections needed changing.  Had to make a hardware run for bits and pieces.  You know, there's always maintenance to be done.  Because of the trees he didn't even try with the satellite dish but I reminded him the Saints were playing tonight so he managed to get a signal and hopefully we'll see the game tonight. If the wind picks up we could lose the signal.

I've been doing laundry and we're both just resting up so we can drive about 240 miles tomorrow!

Of course driving all the time on interstate we see a lot of folks heading south.  Quebec plates mostly, but a couple from Ontario too.  Not to mention Maine and New York.  All sizes of rigs too

From reading other blogs I know our friends are heading south also.  Stay safe! Anne and Scotty should arrive in Mission Texas today