Friday, October 24, 2014

Oh My! Where do I begin?

Let's see, Wednesday we drove to Burlington and Jim was released to travel.  We left around 1000, had lunch then went to his appointments.  Chest ex-ray done we got into see the doctor early.  Matter of fact we were out of there before his 1400 appointment. Yay, Jim can drive!  

On the way out of town he spots a Ford dealer and pulls in to see if they could fix a valve on an inner tire.  Why yes they can!  As we're sitting in the lounge waiting I'm watching the weather channel and all the rain that's coming at us.....

We got home around 1630 if I recall correctly.  We'd made the decision not to try and move the rig.  But the Scotts had someone coming in the morning to measure for a building they're going to put up next year.  So we pack up, pull in the slides and the fun begins.

We had a slight problem.  Due to all the rain we've had over the past few days our truck could not back our truck up the slight incline.  Try as much as Jim could with our big, black beastie,  the heavy rig just said no...

All four of us worked late into the darkness and rain all for naught.  Tired, hungry and a little wet we gave up.  We decided to call road service in the morning.  That was an interesting call!  Trying to explain to the lady that we needed a 4 wheel dually to back us up a hill was fun. She proceeds to tell us they'll only pay for this, that and the other and anything above that would be our expense.  Alrighty then...I made sure we had plenty of money on the credit card and said lets do this.  We want to head south! Within thirty minutes we had a guy coming out to do just that.  And just as quick as you can say 'Bob's your uncle' the job was done.

The four of us went into fast track mode and by 1100 we were on the road with Anne and Scotty not to far behind!

This drive was less than 200 miles and it was a good test for Jim.  It's been five weeks since he could drive and his leg is bothersome and keeping it raised makes it less painful.  Each day is better.

We stayed at a KOA Thursday (last night) night and for Pete's sake I can't remember where!  But it was nestled in the woods and from what we saw it was quite nice.  Autumn decorations were everywhere and some campsites had Halloween decorations.  I'll bet it's quite nice during the season when all the trees are leafed out.  This particular KOA was the only campground we could find that was still open. These northern folks have cold, nasty weather this late in the year and they like to close down before freezing weather descends upon them.

Miss Anne fixed a dinner of meat loaf (one of Jim's favorites), mashed potatoes and canned peas.  We had our last meal together sharing a glass of wine.  All to soon we had to head home.  The excitement and work of the last 24 hours was catching up to all of us.

I was up early, Jim was up at 0800.  We walked over to Anne and Scotty's to say our goodbyes and once home we got er done.

We were on the road at 0945 this morning.  We had overcast skies and after all the rain and gloomy weather we had over the past week it sure was nice to see blue skies again!

Somewhere near Princeton, Pennsylvania we kept seeing signs like this and lower!  One place had diesel for $3.25

Since we're on a mission to get to Florida we're not really sightseeing.  We're traveling on Interstates and as you know they can be boring.  We rarely travel on Toll roads but we hit three sections of tolls yesterday and today for a total of $25! Have to admit most of the road surface was pretty decent.  But.... I can tell you for certain to not take I-95 through Philadelphia!  Granted there is work being done to improve the roads but my goodness the traffic was awful and I cannot not imagine what it would be like during rush hour

Tonight we are in Aberdeen Maryland at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds.  This Army Base has 11 brand new camp sites and we got the last one.  Full hook-ups for $25 a night.  Cement pad is very nice!  There are trees keeping us from getting a signal for the TV but we've gone without TV for the past few nights what's another two?

We're booked for two nights and Jim has already been busy tonight looking for other campgrounds for us to stay on our Exodus South.