Friday, October 31, 2014

South Carolina

Will this journey never end?  I was up at 0640 this morning and Jim was up before 0800.  I think we're anxious to get this I-95 trek over and done with!  We don't like traveling on the interstates and only do so when necessary.

We were packed up and on the road by 0940.

Not much in the way of Autumn color this last day of October but I did take these two pictures of the trees at Lazy Acres before we left.  The sky was a beautiful blue

Our trip to Camp Lake Jasper was almost 240 miles.  Probably a wee bit longer because we stopped several times to have lunch and stretch our legs.  We'll stay two nights and on Sunday we'll be on the last leg of this trip and arrive in Lake City Florida

Pine cones in the south are big!  Three or four of these bad boys makes for a quick, aromatic fire