Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Do you eat breakfast?  Or is just coffee first thing in the morning for you?

Despite the fact that we're retired I still get up early every day.  Lately it's been shortly after 0600.  It's quiet that time of day and it's a joy to watch the sun come up over the tree line here. I have my coffee and read magazines and emails.  Sometimes I read a book.

Jim doesn't get up until I wake him at 0800 and that's when I usually have my breakfast.  Years ago I decided I needed to eat something to start my work day.  That's also when I'd fix oatmeal and had it daily!  Yuck.  But it's good for you, right?

Now I've decided 'I' can have anything I want for breakfast!  Sometimes it's soup, I make good soup and usually have enough to last for days.  Sometimes I have leftovers, potatoes being a favorite of mine.  Every now and then I even have a bowl of cereal with fruit and nuts.

The point is, I think it's important to start the day with some food.  After all breakfast is supposed to break your fast. 

This morning I had a mango and some toast.  What did you have for breakfast?