Thursday, October 2, 2014

Monday Drive, Texas Falls

On Monday we joined Anne and Scotty for a drive to see some fall color.  We left just before lunch and made a stop in Brandon to see if Anne could find some fabric for a project.  No luck there but we did have some lunch before continuing our journey.

No doubt about it the mountains are filled with colorful trees!  Around every curve we found more beauty than Jim and I have seen in a long time!  Probably since we were in the Durango, Colorado area.  Totally different colors are involved

By the time we arrived at Texas Falls Jim was bushed.  To much sitting up made he leg ache quite a bit so he stayed in the car and napped after taking some medication.

Not sure how this beautiful, little waterfall got the name of Texas but it isn't Texas 'big'

One more stop at a covered bridge but I was more fascinated with this little frog!  You do  know I like frogs...

Jim is slowly recovering from his bypass surgery.  His appetite is good and he's walking everyday.  His heart is doing good!  No pain or discomfort from the incision.  His leg is another matter!  The bruising and incision from that is constantly bothersome. He has spent a lot of time sleeping but I think that's about to change!   We need to get him well enough to get released from medical care here so we can travel south.

We're looking at the map and getting hitch the moment we don't know for sure where we'll be for the winter.  Jim has to do some rehab and that's the most important consideration right now