Sunday, November 23, 2014

this past week has been interesting

That mighty polar cold front came through and Tuesday and Wednesday nights we disconnected the water line because a hard freeze was predicted for both nights.  I don't think it Tuesday night but better safe than sorry!

I think it was Thursday when Chris and friends (along with some inmates) loaded up a truck for the move south.  It was driven down by the friends and Chris and his son drove down to unload and start setting up.  It's a long a drive for a day trip!

Friday Jim and I went to Big Shoals State Park to walk in the woods.  We stopped and saw Sonsearae at the White Springs Post Office, had some lunch at Fat Bellys (don't ask!) then headed to the park.  I think they need to spend some money on signage.  We drove and drove on a dirt road and began to wonder if it was the right road!

Eventually we found the entrance with just a drop box for payment.  Of course I have a Florida State Park Pass and we just drove in.

The park is just a day use park for hikers, bikers, equestrians and canoes and kayaks.  Rest room facility near the entrance and a nice spot for the camp host.  Bet it gets lonely out there!

After you enter the trail off to the left was a picnic area under oak and pine trees.  Very nice.

The trail is easy to moderate with some changes in elevation but it was easy to navigate and neither of us found it strenuous.  Just have to be careful placing your feet to avoid the roots of trees

The water was calm and placid at this stop

Found some Autumn color!

I love the different colors and textures you can find in the woodlands

As we got closer to the Shoals we could hear them

Obviously Jim is doing better!  It's been two months since his bypass surgery and each day has it's challenges but he is making progress.

Our cold temperatures were replaced with rain on Saturday.  We just stayed in and vegetated...I made some doughnuts and did laundry most of the day.  Sonsearae and Chris went to their southern home to get it livable for Chris.  He'll stay until Wednesday and she'll come back Monday after she makes a couple visits to the Post Offices in the area.  She's hoping to be transferred down there.