Thursday, November 27, 2014


No matter where you are I hope this day was all you wished for.  Happy Thanksgiving to all our family and friends.

After a leisurely morning dawdling over my coffee and breakfast (homemade pumpkin bread from Sonsearae and an apple) I finally got dressed and made the bed.  Then I started in the kitchen.  

First up was the pumpkin pie, had to get it in the oven.  Then I did dishes....yuck.  Now it was time to make the stuffing so I sauteed some onions, celery and mushrooms in a wee bit of butter, then added half a bag of stuffing mix and some broth along with some rubbed sage and poultry seasoning.  Loaded this into a loaf pan to cook after the pie came out of the oven.

Now for the potatoes, got them peeled and chopped along with some garlic and set them to boil.  Gravy!  Can't forget the gravy.  Using the same pan that I used for the sauteing I added a wee bit of butter, some flour then broth and added poultry seasoning and some salt and pepper.  Kept tweaking this until it tasted good...

Of course the dishes needed to be done again...sometimes I do miss a dishwasher.

A can of peas, a can of cranberry sauce and some homemade cranberry sauce (thanks Sonsearae) our dinner was complete...

Forgot!  Yesterday I picked up half a rotisserie turkey breast from Winn-Dixie.  All I had to do was slice it, wrap it in some foil and heat it along with the stuffing.

After dinner or should I say lunch, I had everything ready before football started, I finished my wine then I tackled the cleanup.  Within a couple hours we had some pie and yes, there was whipped cream for the pie!

For those of you who know we're next door to Sonsearae and Chris and wondering why we didn't dine with them...Well plans were made prior to our stop here and we were invited to give thanks with Sonsearae's  Papa and his wife Susan but we declined.  We shared this day with Chris and Sonsearae last year and we'll be with them at Christmas.

Jim offered to take me out for dinner so I wouldn't have to cook.  But I don't mind cooking and right now we have several days of food in the fridge!  All I have to do is heat it up!

We have much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.  Jim is doing well following the 4 bypasses.  We are both thankful his heart wasn't damaged!  My health is still good.  For our age I think we're doing as well as can be.