Friday, November 14, 2014

Eucalyptus Dryer Sheets

We had a lazy morning and after lunch Sonsearae and I went to a farmers market in Live Oak.  Any time spent with my daughter is fun.  The farmers market wasn't all that big, but it is November!  I bought some radishes and green bell peppers.  We made a couple of stops, mostly to look and check out some stores.  

We finally got official word this afternoon of Chris' promotion to Warden at a facility south of here.  We've known about it for a few weeks  but now we can let others know about it.  We're very proud of him and know he will do a superb job!

Once home the three of us enjoyed coffee, then later we had a dinner of a big garden salad.

This DIY project may take a little of your time to make, but try it, you might like saving money!

Eucalyptus Dryer Sheets

Cotton cloths
1/2 cup white vinegar
5-10 drops eucalyptus essential oil
airtight container

Cut cotton cloths such as old dishtowels or t-shirts into small don't need many

Place in airtight container

Mix the vinegar and oil, then pour into container so the cloths are wet

To use, remove a cloth squeezing out the excess moisture.  Place in dryer

When dry,place cloth back in container for future use

If you do decide to try this, let me know how you like it.  I'm sure other oils could be used, it just depends on what your preference is