Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cold Weather and medical stuff

Sometimes I forget it's November.  Then I see a weather report or see posts on Facebook showing snow and folks talking about cold temperatures.  We've been enjoying very mild weather, daytime temperatures in the 70's and overnight in the 50's.  Tomorrow that will change, about 5 degrees lower.   Nothing to complain about here!

I surprised Jim today and showed up at the hospital mid morning.  I brought him coffee from home and he enjoyed that!  Before lunch his doctor came in and said he could go home.  Of course getting released took a wee bit longer and he ended up eating another yummy hospital meal.  I went to the cafeteria and got some hummus and pita chips.  

He has to continue with an antibiotic for a couple weeks and see the doctor in about ten days.  Hopefully all this attention on his leg will have good results and he'll get back to normal.  We're both pleased that he doesn't need any surgery on the wound.  

This evening to celebrate his release we had dinner at Ruby Tuesday.  Sonsearae joined us and we had a decent meal.  Jim had steak and lobster along with zucchini and fries.....I think his hospital meals were lacking in flavor!  I had fish tacos and Sonsearae had popcorn shrimp.

It's good to have him home...things will get back to normal around here in no time at all...

What are you reading?  Any good books?  I'm still plowing through my magazines