Wednesday, March 18, 2020

It's Spring, It's Autumn

Thursday, 12 March

Bluebonnets are peeking out. So are the Redbuds.  Spring is beginning to replace our Winter weather. Not sure it’s over yet, but shouldn’t have freezing temperatures again. We’ve been running the AC in the afternoon and for humidity control overnight.

Boo is looking good, just had a grooming.  Now he’s sleeping restfully.  It stresses him out. Me too for that matter!

18 March

Sheesh!  Took me long enough to get back to this blog.  I do have a good excuse. I generally didn’t feel well, you know lethargic, a bit yucky. Well Saturday evening it was worse and by the time I went to bed I was very uncomfortable.  Thought it was heartburn and had taken some tums....but it didn’t help. While laying in bed I was bloated and had rumbling noises and PAIN.  It just kept getting worse. Tossed and turned then repeated these move often. Finally got up around 0130 in excruciating pain.  Nothing I did helped.  Jim got up and joined me at 0300, though he didn’t realize it was so early!

So Sunday I pretty much bounced from my chair to the bed. Snatching naps and taking Tylenol. Every now and then I’d choke down some mashed potatoes or toast with broth. Nothing tasted good. That night it was a repeat of the previous night.  Finally getting out of bed around 0300.  

Did you know that Vets can secure message their primary care physician? Well that’s what I did with urgent in the subject line.  Basically gave them the run down of all my symptoms and asking for help.  Shortly before 0800 I got a call telling me to go to the ER.  And that’s what we did.

First thing they did was an ekg.  Apparently my heart is good, they didn’t rush me off to icu! But I was placed in a bed, talked to the dr, had lab work done and an ultrasound.  Turns out my gallbladder gave birth to a stone.  Speaking of birth, I’d prefer it! At least you can see the results. 

Sent home because by this time it was all over. I was tender in spots and still had a backache. And these have pretty much gone away. Doctor said I should have it removed but since it was elective surgery I may not be seen for up to two months because of Covid 19. But I got a call the next day and the little bugger will be removed on the 31st.  Maybe the scan showed a lot of stones!

As of today I feel pretty decent. Still not eating much at one sitting and trying to eat about five or six times a day. Small portions only

Jim is off getting another repair done on the truck. The brakes this time. It was scheduled awhile back so we could safely drive around San Antonio with Sonsearae and Chris.  Alas, I do not think they’re coming.  Just as well because I’ll be recovering from my surgery. 

Did you know that Live Oaks keep their leaves year round? Except during hurricanes, after Katrina the trees were bare and it was August.  Anyway, it’s Autumn around here. The oaks are putting out fresh leaves and the old ones are falling to the ground.

Will this madness with the Covid 19 ever end?   There are no active cases in our county.  That's good, but goodness me people are preparing for the worst.  Staying home is best and with that in mind I'll be talking with my doctor on the 23rd via telephone....Just my three month checkup.  Better safe than sorry!

All is getting better in our world!

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