Sunday, August 23, 2015

What do you hear

When you're waking up, in that space of time before you fully wake, what do you hear?  You listen as the weather outside informs you of the day.  Perhaps your air conditioning is running and you can't hear much of anything.  If the wind is blowing you may hear the tree branches protesting.  A lot of folks hear birds, roosters, even parrots (I know these are birds), but owls?

Yesterday when I was trying to go back to sleep I could hear owls.  Two of them, calling back and forth.  One was quite close and I'm sure it's the one who got me out of bed so I could locate him.  And I did!  Up near the top of the pine tree above our bed there he sat.  Imperiously he looked down at me then in a flash he was gone, soundlessly flying off.  Magnificent!

What's really wonderful about this is just the night before I sat watching an owl in a tree out front and I got to watch as he flew right over me.  How many times has this happened to me?  Twice! All in the space of less than 24 hours

Speaking of owls, Jim parks the truck in the garage out back.  It doesn't have doors so it's open to some weather and of course birds.  He decided he was tired of the large splats of droppings he was always washing off.  So he bought a tarp and attached it to the rafters.  And this is working except it doesn't cover the whole truck.  Last night he put an old sheet over the cover of the truck bed.  Today it's messy.  Apparently an owl has been tossing his dinner in there.  A pellet about 1 inch by 2 was on the sheet along with some white, sloppy bird splat.  We may have to get another tarp!

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.  After Jim got up I went back to bed and slept for about three hours.  Not sure what got into me but I'm doing better now.  My stomach bothered me during the night keeping me awake and I've just had some soup today.  Jim lucked out and had BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes and baked beans courtesy of Chris and Sonsearae.  

We've spent most of the afternoon reading.  Can you read when the TV is on?  I can no longer do this.  So I'm writing the blog while Jim watches TV and reads.

We'll watch Sherlock on Masterpiece tonight.  Love my PBS!

All is right in our world!