Sunday, August 2, 2015


Saturday I  awoke to the sound of rain! I love to hear it when it's gently falling. I tried to go back to sleep but song titles kept popping in my head...raindrops keep falling on my head, singing in the rain, rain makes corn and the childhood favorite, rain rain go away.  I did lay there for awhile just listening.  Eventually I got up with a smile, not a bad way to start the day. Do you like to hear the rain?

I made a pot of marinara sauce so we could have spaghetti for dinner. To go with that I also made a Caesar salad. I had the last glass of wine while Jim downed a beer and that was dinner!  Shortly after that Jim took a nap and after reading for a bit I checked my eyelids for leaks on the lounger.

It was gloomy and overcast all day but no more rain until late afternoon.

We don't usually have a big meal late in the day and chose this evening to have chips and bean dip.  Later, while watching The Ghost and Mrs Muir we had some yummy popcorn.