Thursday, August 27, 2015

Katrina, 10 years later

Where do I start?  When Katrina blew through New Orleans we were in Lake Charles,  Louisiana.  We took our teeny, tiny rig and headed out of town late after watching the 10 o'clock news.  The Mayor said he couldn't order folks to leave but we took the hint.  We drove across Lake Ponchartrain and drove west on Highway 190 avoiding I-10.  We did stop briefly for some sleep in a bank parking lot.  First and only time we've done that!

We found a small campground and stayed about a week.   You see, we couldn't go home until the authorities said we could.   After seeing all the damage we realized we'd be living in our rig for awhile and traded up to a bigger 5th wheel.  For several days we watched the destruction of New Orleans and the surrounding area on television. But it was only 'make believe'.  I say that because when you see it on TV it's happening to someone else.  The reality is once you see it in person it becomes real.  For me it was all about the trees.....Live Oaks were bare, all the leaves were gone.  

Once we returned we continued to live in our rig.  Jim's office on the river was gone, but his job awaited him in Baton Rouge.  We we offered a spot next to the office so we took it and lived there for another year before Jim retired and we hit the road.  We traded up once again to the rig we have now.

We still had the house but all repairs had been done, most of the contents were gone and it was mostly clean enough to sell.  But we didn't care any more.  We were tired of dealing with it and listed it and gave the realtor power of attorney.  We were in Texas when the house sold.

As this anniversary of the most devastating storm to hit America roles around there will no doubt be more television coverage.  We watched Robin Roberts on ABC Sunday night.   We cried a lot, but not much can be said or shown in a one hour program.  The city is stronger but so much more has to be done!

The Ten Year Flood is a long read but very interesting if you care to read about New Orleans.  Wright Thompson does a good job of telling it like it is.  If you want to read more, just Google Katrina....stories abound, just be prepared to relive it and cry for what was endured and lost.