Monday, December 8, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

The last twenty four hours have been wonderful.  

Except for the Saints losing!  I think we all stopped watching at halftime....just pitiful..

Anyway, we went to an early dinner at the New England Fish Market and Restaurant in Jensen Beach.  Sonsearae chose it because it has mussels on the menu and she knows we've been wanting some.  Apparently the Olive Garden no longer serves them.  We ordered some and I have to admit they were quite tasty!  Jim and I also shared a broiled seafood dinner that had shrimp, crab cake,scallops and Atlantic salmon along with potatoes and slaw.  Plenty of food and we brought some home.

While we were enjoying our drinks I was presented with a new iPad Air...very generous and much appreciated!  I've really missed my tablet...

Today we re-positioned the rig and got it leveled better.  I say better because of the wooden planks we used but it's still off a bit but livable.  We'll have to keep an eye on it and adjust if we sink into this thick grass we're parked on.

As we finished up Jim says we're going out for Mexican for lunch!  We spotted Dos Amigos when we were shopping the other day.  Just the three of us today as Chris was working.  We had fajitas, tostada salad and taco salad...of course we had beer and Sonsearae made us taste some Coffee tequila....have to admit it was yummy and reminded me of Kahlua

This morning Sonsearae made a vegan German Chocolate cake and we enjoyed some this afternoon with our was outstanding!  Thank you Sonsearae for a treat I've not had for a few years.  My mom used to make this for me when I still lived at home.

I have to apologize for these pictures.  Both days we had overcast skies and I had to take pictures in poor light. I've heard the owls and spotted one the other night out by the road but this morning I saw a movement in a pine tree and searched him out.  I was pleased to see a pair of them!

The squirrel was descending a tree and I had to hurry to get my camera and take some quick shots as he traversed the trees and fence line 

Hopefully I'll see them again on sunny days