Sunday, December 7, 2014

here for the winter

Or when hitch itch strikes!

Last Thursday we packed up and headed south.  Since it was a long drive to Indiantown Florida we left around 0930.  Our drive was an easy but long one.  I-75 then the Florida Turnpike.  We stopped several time just to stretch our legs, eat lunch and buy coffee and doughnuts.  The turnpike has nice rest stops providing more than just snacks and fuel.

We got off the turnpike at Port St Lucie and drove a few miles on I-95 to reach our destination.  Chris is now the warden at Martin Correctional Institution and he and Sonsearae invited us to stay with them while Jim recovers from his surgery.  So far we like this area.  Since it's new to us we'll get to explore and check it out while we're here.

We're parked in the back yard and we need to tweak our position a bit and when we're properly set up I'll take some pictures.  There's an owl somewhere as I've seen and heard him.  So far I haven't located where he roosts at night. We've seen Wood Storks, Egrets, cattle, Sandhill Cranes and various other regional birds.  Even though we're out in the middle of nowhere, shopping isn't that far away with all the usual grocery and major stores.

According to some charts our average highs during December will be around 70 and the lows 46.  Today we're having some issues with heat....cloudy and foggy and it's only 65!

By the way Jim is doing great as long as he remembers not to overdo it!  His leg is almost healed and his chest doesn't bother him unless he lifts to much.  He's been walking more and his activity level is increasing.