Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Recipe Wednesday

Hey!  It's September already!  Where does the time go? 

We haven't been anywhere or done anything other than the normal chores and shopping for groceries.  I have to go to St Augustine or Jacksonville to get some of the foods we like and we did that a couple days ago.  

Jim worked Sunday and Monday.

The rain has finally let up and it's no longer a daily occurrence.  The Labor Day weekend was perfect for all the folks who were our gathering at the pool Monday evening we had a light shower!  It was a good cookout with our hosts providing chicken and pork that Kevin grilled.  The rest of us brought the sides, I made Cowboy Caviar from the Happy Herbivore, it's a simple recipe using ingredients that can be found in any grocery store:

There was potato salad, ramen noodle salad, drop biscuits, some kind of cookie/cake desert, fruit salad and I think everyone had plenty to eat!  Once the heat of the sun passed it was quite nice to sit outside.

Boo has been doing great! He's still taking Temeril daily and on the 5th he'll start taking every other day until it's gone.  Hopefully this will be the only time he has to take it. He's sleeping most of the night, which means we sleep better too.

Jim was off Tuesday and after working on our deck during the morning he took the afternoon off.  Annie and Les (work campers) left this morning so we're getting their deck!  In order to move it Jim has to break it down a bit so it may take a few days before we have the deck he wants.  I wouldn't let him build one this summer because of the heat, it's still to hot to work outside but I'll keep an eye on him!

For dinner Tuesday I fixed stuffed peppers using the Spanish rice I made a couple days ago.  Corn muffins rounded out this dish and I ate one to many muffins!

Jim worked today and I did laundry, bathed Boo and watched The Tudors on Netflix.  Jim managed to make it home before the rain started.

We're beginning to think about where we want to go when we leave Welaka...whew that's a lot of w's!  We have to go south near Tampa to get a couple windows un-fogged and we'll explore the area.  Then meander back north.  I'm thinking maybe we should see Texas and it could be fun to head back to Amish country.  But where?  Indiana, Pennsylvania, Maryland?  Where else can these charming people be found?  Let me know!!

Dinner tonight will be simple, I've baked a couple potatoes and I'll figure out something.  The rain has cooled it down a bit...maybe some soup!

Some of our friends are traveling now and I hope they have safe travels.  Wherever you are enjoy the view.