Sunday, August 25, 2013

more rain

Wednesday started out pretty nice, the sunrise and clouds were a nice shade of apricot.  At least what I could see through the trees.  

All of us slept well last night.  Boo and I both got up around 0130 for a call of nature but that was it.No licking or scratching....pure bliss...

Clouds started moving in and it kept getting darker and by 1030 we had and on all afternoon with thunder and lightening.  Power went off once or twice coming back on almost immediately.

It was a Netflix afternoon...can you say couch potatoes?  LOL

For dinner I fixed potatoes, peas and a salad.  From the freezer Jim had a mini pot roast from Schwann's, just pop in the microwave for 4 minutes and viola! Jim did the dishes while I showered.

Thursday we had more rain, I mean it rained like we were in New Orleans! Not sure how much rain we had but enough is enough.  We did the Netflix thing again

Friday the morning was cloudy and we did our chores then headed into Crescent City for lunch.  We made a stop at the vet to get approval for a shampoo to use on Boo.  By the way he's doing good.  This medicine makes him drink and pee more but no itching or licking. 

Lunch at 3 Banana's was good but we gotta stop with the pitchers of beer!  After a stop at Winn-Dixie we headed home.  Again you could see the dark clouds and I had hoped we'd make it home before the rains came.  As we got into Welaka we noticed it had already rained.  

We got inside and Jim decided a nap was needed and I snoozed on the lounger.  Then the rains was a noisy storm and another gully washer!

Yesterday we drove to Lake City to visit with Sonsearae and Chris. Chris got promoted to Assistant Warden and that involved relocating to Lake City.  The position comes with a house so we went to check it out.  Sonsearae will remain in Tallahassee and they'll see one another on weekends. They're both used to driving long distances for work so this is just a blip.  Chis will probably have this position for a year and then another change.

The drive was nice, about two hours with two stops, one for fuel ($3.59 using Winn-Dixie fuel perks) and a pit stop for my fellas.  After we arrived and got the tour we headed out to an Italian restaurant where we were treated to a lovely meal.  Thank you Sonsearae and Chris!

Back at the house we talked, watched a movie and lazed around digesting that meal.  Before we left after 1800 we had breakfast for dinner.Chris fixed pancakes while Sonsearae made some grits and cooked up some Gardien sausages.

As we got into Palatka the sun was sinking behind some clouds and it was quite pretty.  Sunset was at 2001 and we were home about 10 minutes later.   I have to mention that we did see rain at either location or along the drive.  We did see wet roads and a bit of a sprinkle....

Once we unloaded the truck and I put everything away, I showered, followed by Jim.  We watched some football but ended up going to bed before 2200.  The drive just wore us out.

Jim is working today while I'm not....LOL I did some laundry and my chores this morning but it's been a lazy afternoon just waiting for the Saint's game to start at 1600

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  1. Sounds like you two stay real busy. We are still in Colorado enjoying the cold weather. We start back to Texas week after next to see that new grand baby when it is born. Stay safe


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