Friday, August 16, 2013

catching up

Not much to write about.  Our daily life is pretty much the same, day after day.  We have daily chores and then we sit and play games, watch TV or Netflix.

Last Thursday Jim pressure washed the roof.  With all the rain and humidity it gets nasty and he's trying to stay on top of the cleaning.

Over the past couple of weeks all of our patio lights died.  Now I'm on the lookout for new ones.  Perhaps with an end of summer I'll find some on sale!

We went to Flagler Beach the other day and enjoyed a tasty lunch at Fuego Del Mar. We sat outside on the upper deck, enjoying the ocean breeze and admiring the beach. I had shrimp ceviche which wasn't the best I've had.  I think the shrimp was pre cooked and they added some stuff to fancy it up and it was way to oily.  If you've ever ceviche you know the seafood is 'cooked' in lime juice.  Couldn't even taste the lime but it sure was loaded with garlic!  Jim had shrimp tacos and apparently they were good because he ate all of them!

this was one shot of our view....

after lunch we walked across the street to the beach and enjoyed walking in the surf.  The beach wasn't packed but there were quite a few people enjoying the cooling waters on this hot afternoon

Some folks took advantage of the shade from the public pier

Along the coast, from here north you can find these shells.  If you're lucky enough you can find both sides and make earrings!

Fuego del Mar
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