Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend in Welaka

Sunday...Jim works most every Sunday.  Makes it hard to plan weekend outings, but I've gotten used to it.  It pays for our site.

Sometime during the night the rain clouds moved out.  Sunshine greeted me when I go out of bed and I only saw a few clouds in the sky.  Of course it means it's very humid outside

Boo has started licking his hair off in a couple spots.  Not good!  On Monday I'll call the vet and make an appointment.  He definitely has an allergy to something.  Our first Yorkie, Jake, was on meds for allergies because he licked all the hair off his paws

Do you write letters?  Send postcards?  I fear the art of writing letters has all but disappeared since email has become second nature to all of us.  Even with email I don't write letters as much as I used to.  Everyone knows about my daily life with Facebook and this why write letters? My penmanship is not as pretty as it used to be.

Rain, off and on all afternoon.  We had a shower and the sun was shinning!  Liquid sunshine.

Are you a Star Trek fan?  I am and today I started watching Deep Space Nine. I like all the TV series, with the exception of Enterprise.  I should try to watch it again but I just couldn't get into it when it originally aired.  I love the movies!  Each new has bigger and better special effects.

I fixed a black bean soup/stew for our dinner.  Made enough to pack some in the freezer

Monday started with sunshine and it remained sunny all day!  As of 1600 no rain...

This morning I drove into Crescent City to make an appointment for Boo.  I tried phoning but for some reason I cannot complete a phone call in this area code.  The call goes though but we can't hear each other!  Anyway he'll see the vet tomorrow afternoon.

I also stopped in at Winn-Dixie for a few grocery items.  I also tried to mail a package but apparently I was to early for two post offices...they don't open until 0930.  Guess I'll try again tomorrow.

I watched some Deep Space Nine and The Tudors today.  And of course I did my chores....Jim has been working and when he's done today he won't have to go back until next Sunday.

For dinner we had spaghetti with meatballs (vegan), toasted garlic bread and a lovely glass of Chianti classico.  Dishes are done and we've both showered and we're settled in watching Top Gear.

And still no rain!

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