Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lunch with Family

Our Saturday started out dismal...I was up early and knew we had a chance of cloudy skies and rain.  And it lasted most of the day.  Not sure the sun ever came  out.

No matter, we had a date with Sonsearae and Chris.  After doing the dishes and making the bed I got dressed for out lunch in DeLand.  The last time we were down there I noticed a Spanish Tapas restaurant, De La Vega.
 Sonsearae and Chris were going on a cruise and we made plans to meet at the restaurant so we could visit.

They were already seated when we arrived and had ordered chips and dips.  Pico de Gallo, tomatillo and a habenero, along with queso and of course guacamole.  All were yummy and we had to order more chips.We had a leisurely lunch that included Sangria for three of us.  Everyone enjoyed their order, but more importantly we enjoyed each others company. Sonsearae ordered the Banderrillas  while I had Avocado Rellenos. Chris had Taquiza Gringa and Jim had a similar dish, Taquiza de Camaorn.  If you go to the website you can read about these delicious dishes. We all had leftovers and lucky us, we got to bring them home!

After lunch we strolled up and down the street checking out the craft show. It was nice the rain had stopped. I didn't know the Quilt and Craft show was going to be there, but I lucked out because because I like craft shows!

Soon it was time for us to part and after we exchanged hugs, they headed south while we headed north.  We did drive through another shower.  

Walked in the house just in time to feed Boo and enjoy our afternoon coffee.  Watched some of the LSU Georgia was real interesting with the score going back and forth and LSU taking the lead in the fourth quarter only to lose right at the end

I sat outside for a bit enjoying the cool breeze and watching the birds.  Must have been six cardinals out there flitting from feeder to feeder.  A couple of wrens showed up too.  Since filling the feeders we've had blue jays  a woodpecker, the cardinals, doves, wrens and a titmouse or two show up.  The rain and clouds cleared out and it was a lovely end to the day.

We spent the evening watching TV and Netflix.  When we finally got hungry I fixed some was all I needed and Jim said it hit the spot.

It is now 0800 on Sunday and time for me to start my day....Jim needs to get up for work, Boo needs to be fed and I think I'll go for a walk since we have sunny skies