Sunday, September 22, 2013

Same old stuff

Not much to write about.  Our days are pretty much the same from week to week.

Jim finally got the deck he's been wanting since we moved to this site.  Unfortunately he found out mid summer that the owners would pay for the materials.  By then it was much to hot for him to build one.  I flatly told him no...

Annie and Les left right after Labor Day and Jim got their deck!  Just had to move it and that proved to be a lot of work for him.  He dismantled one side and moved it over board by board.  But the other side had stripped out screws and he had to wait for the guys to help him pick it up and move it...

As you can see, he's a happy camper!

Last Tuesday I finally had the 'cloud' in my left eye removed.  I've been cloudy for about two years and I'm not sure why the VA in south Texas couldn't take care of it but all is well now.  When you travel as much has we have in the last year or so its difficult to be seen in the VA system.

Apparently when you have your cataracts removed over time you can develop clouds....and this is what this was.  Once I got VA approval the Atlantic Eye Institute in Jacksonville Florida just lasered it away.  It took about 20 minutes and that's because the drops to numb and dilate my eye took time to be effective.  Once in the chair with the chin support it took maybe two minutes and by the time I was in the parking lot I could see clearly!  I have to be checked this coming Tuesday and we'll see about new glasses if they're needed.

I had a strange thought yesterday...where do cows come from?  Domestic dogs can be traced back to wolves etc.  Cats can be traced back to Lions and Tigers...but where do cows come from?  Have you ever seen one in the wild?
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