Friday, July 5, 2013

Here I am!

Gosh, I've neglected this blog again!  Oh well, there's really not much to write about.  

Last Friday, the 28th (which would have been my mom's 87th birthday) we did drive over to Palm Coast to meet up with Jim's nephew Joel,his son Owen and his wife Jackie.  We haven't seen Joel and Owen in a long time and it was our first time meeting Jackie.  They we're vacationing with friends and it was awful nice of them to share some time with us.  We had lunch at Mezzaluna , an Italian restaurant in the European Village Resort. Apparently you can stay upstairs and have your choice of dining experiences in the courtyard.  There are other shops and even and Natural Grocery Store.

We arrived before they did and strolled around the courtyard checking out everything.  We then decided to wait inside and being just about the first one's there we had our choice of tables!  We ordered our drinks and decided to get the large antipasto knowing we could share it when they arrived.  Truthfully, it was large enough to feed all five of us.  It had all the meats and cheeses you'd expect along with peppers, tomatoes and artichokes, all on a bed of lettuce!  Served with a side of Italian dressing.

It wasn't long before they arrived and once they ordered their drinks we sat talking for a long time.  It was finally decided with the help of our waiter to order a half and half large pizza along with a slice of pepperoni pizza for Owen.  All of the food was delicious.  Eventually we had to say our goodbyes and we left them to stroll the courtyard and we headed to Flagler Beach.

It was time to walk in the surf!

There were a lot of dark clouds in the south west and we kept an eye on them, knowing we could rained upon at any minute.

This shrimp boat was no doubt offshore looking for shrimp!

Those clouds kept getting closer so we headed back to the truck and don't you know we got sprinkled on while we washed the sand from our feet....

We've had rain every day I'm sure.  Sometimes just a brief shower, other times gully washers inundate us for long periods of time.  No flooding here but in our travels we have seen standing water along the roads and in shallow spots.

On Wednesday Jim treated me to a visit to Whole Foods Market in Jacksonville!  We drove up Highway 13 along the east side of the St John's River and what a lovely drive.  One of Florida's Scenic Highways
Posted by PicasaThere we some beautiful homes and some that were there before 'big' got popular.  Some right on the river, others across the street with access to the river.  the closer we got to Jacksonville there were gated communities of magnificent homes.
As it turned out it took us right to where we wanted to be!  We had lunch at Miller's Ale House.  Then went shopping at World Market before heading to Whole Foods.  One more stop for fuel $3.75 a gallon for diesel, and we were on our way home.  We left just before 1000 and arrived home in time for Boo's dinner at 1600.

Today we went into Palatka for a Walmart run and a stop at Publix....Gosh, I think all we do is buy groceries!

Hope y'all had a wonderful July 4th.  We had a parade of decorated golf carts drive through the campground but no fireworks.