Thursday, June 27, 2013

More Rain

Do you have rituals?  Every morning when I get up I adjust the thermostat and open the front door.  We have Plexiglas on the screen door and I do love letting in the light!  When I stepped out this morning we had clear skies  and the air was fresh.  The storm last night just cleaned the earth.  I always stand there and watch the birds and squirrels...Back inside I make my coffee and read a bit before I turn on my laptop and check what emails I have and get on Facebook to find out what family and friends are up to.  It's like reading the local newspaper!

I was up a wee bit before 0700 and Jim got up an hour later. He's working today but first we had to run into Crescent City to drop Boo off for his grooming.  

Back home it was odd not to have Boo greet us at the door.  Jim headed off to work and for me it was time for breakfast.  I've been having watermelon because I was gifted a huge one and Jim doesn't care for I'm doing my best to eat it all by myself.

Jim was home around noon having finished his job cleaning a cabin.  I had done the laundry and made the bed and was eating lunch.  After he ate we headed out to pick up Boo.  He's always thrilled to see us!  This gal isn't the best groomer but better than me.  We can't seem to get his nails cut.  He's slept most of the time since we got home!  Speaking of sleep...Jim was worn out and took a nap too....He missed the rain shower we had

Jim went to Thursday potluck without's just to hot to  sit outside.  The rain did drop the temperature but it makes it humid

As the sun goes down, we're showered and settled in for the evening.  Right now it's country music but I expect we'll watch Foyle's War on Netflix.  It's another murder mystery set in early WW II England