Friday, July 12, 2013

Jim spent last Saturday morning doing yard work!  We've had so much rain that our 'grass' needed trimming so he got the lawnmower and got rid of the tallest growth.  If you know Jim, you also know that he had to tidy up the yard, put out corn and seed for the squirrels and birds, etc. My cucumber plant was done producing so he dumped the pot and cleaned it.  It only took him about an hour and a half and was finished by 1130.  Of course he was soaked in sweat and a shower was much needed to cool off.

Since we've been having afternoon showers we decided to grill a late lunch of hot dogs and veggies.  Good thing we did because the showers came and we had light showers off and on all afternoon and evening.

I've only got one tomato that has fruit ripening on it along with the two pepper plants that have been prolific but we can't eat them fast enough.

Sunday Jim worked and guess what?   No rain!!!  Same on Monday, Jim worked and we didn't have any rain.  I made a run to Winn-Dixie in Crescent City.

Tuesday we had lunch at a new restaurant for us, Musselwhite's Seafood and Grill.  We both had seafood off the lunch menu and found it to be very good.  The place needs a makeover as I didn't care for all the dead animals on the walls.

I forgot to mention that we only paid $3.75 a gallon for diesel when we went to Jacksonville.  Cheaper than what we have around here by at least 10 cents.

I think we sat and watched Netflix on Wednesday...can't remember much about the day. :-)

Yesterday we had lunch at 3 Banana's and went for a drive afterwards heading over to Georgetown.  Nice drive through the country and we headed down a couple back roads just to see what was there...We found Lake George but never did find the marina Jim was looking for.  Guess we'll have to go back

Jim is working today and so far I've just been sitting here at the computer!  I guess I should get dressed, make the bed and do the dishes and laundry...boring stuff but it still needs to be done...and I tell everyone I'm retired!  From what, I  have no idea