Monday, November 26, 2012

Pine Lake RV Park

Very chilly this Sunday morning at 0600!  Only 34 degrees out there.  They forecasted a freeze and Jim disconnected the water last night just in case.  But I didn't see any frost anywhere.  The sun is starting to top the trees so it should warm up soon.

Jim spent some time outside airing the tires in preparation for our move tomorrow

Watching the Viking/Bears football game while Jim reads.    Boo is sleeping on my lap which makes typing a bit awkward!  I've been simmering a pot of veggie broth using a recipe from the Happy Herbivore.  Sure smells good in here!  I'm going to make some corn chowder later using a recipe from The McDougall Quick and Easy Cookbook for our dinner and I'll use some of this broth.

What's Sunday without some football?  We had games on all afternoon but we really only paid close attention to the Saints lose to San Francisco.  That wasn't what we wanted to see!  During halftime I made the corn chowder and baked some French Rolls from Alexia (find them in the freezer section of your grocery store).  I liked the chowder but Jim said it was bland..
Monday morning and there is frost out there!  I took these pictures around 0700...not the best but folks it was to cold to linger in my jammies!!!
hood of the truck

grass out back

Today we head a wee bit north to  Eastbank, Georgia.  This COE park is on Lake Seminole.  I wonder how many others will be there?   
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