Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fountain, Florida

We left Eglin AFB Monday around 1010 after making a stop at the dump station.  Hated to leave but we had reservations for Pine Lake RV Park in Fountain, Florida.  Our drive was an easy one mostly on Highway 20.  Small towns, very little traffic...and scenic in spots.

We arrived just before noon and in no time at all we were all set up and sitting outside enjoying the sunshine and pleasant temperature.

There are over 100 sites here and all have electric meters...but there's no one here.  A lot of the rigs look like they live here.  It's a nice place in the middle of nowhere.  

Not sure why I can't sit here and get a blog typed!  I do compose in my head....

Tuesday we headed to Panama City Beach.  Our first stop was the Navy Base.  You see, my military ID card expires at the end of this month.  We had renewed them last year in Tampa but I turn 65 in December and apparently there is some sort of designation on the card to that effect....who knows.  Any way we tried to get one at Eglin but the problem with the fridge (circuit board) made us forget about the card.  So we thought we'd get er done Monday morning.  Alas they only open Tuesday and Thursday for ID cards...

So we stop at the Navy Base and we're given the news that they won't be ready to issue cards for they told us to go to Tindall AFB.

By this time I'm hungry.  Although this campground says it's a 30 minute drive to Panama City it takes longer.  So we're close to the beach area and Jim finds a restaurant and Ethyl takes us there....but it's closed for the season. We find another and it's just down the road and it too is closed for the season!  Reminds me of our good friend Ed Dray!

Third times a charm and we had a lovely lunch overlooking the beach at Pineapple Willys.  After lunch we drove east a bit and found a park we could stop at and walk on the beach

Not to many people were out and about and all the bird tracks were fun to see


I think there were more birds than people!

After this relaxing interlude we drove over to the AFB and I finally got my new ID card....the picture is awful!  Be sure to ask to look at it...I look like a criminal...

From there we drove home only stopping at Winn Dixie for a few items.  I think we put over 100 miles on the truck
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  1. Hey guys, we sure do enjoy your blog. Hope you are enjoying Florida and the warm weather there. If you decide to enjoy Arizona some winter, you will love the weather here.
    Hey, my penchant for locating restaurants which are closed has now extended to other places.
    It isn't just restaurants anymore.
    We hope to see you again one of these days.
    Have a good one!
    E & M


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