Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Made it to the Eastern Time Zone...maybe

The hour or so it took us to drive here yesterday was easy but we missed a turn and had to double back to Chattahoochee, Florida to get to Lake Seminole Eastbank Campground in Georgia.  Confused yet?  

Somewhere we crossed into the Eastern Time Zone...I think.  Our cell phones keep bouncing back and forth between the zones and we have to look at an actual clock to be sure of the time.  Also, our cell signal goes from 1x extended network to 3g with a couple bars.  Staying online is tricky to say the least!

This is a Corps of Engineer park so we don't have sewer hookups but it's a nice trade  off for our view

There's a dam over there we need to explore.  But not today as it's raining

Some of the trees are still showing their fall colors

Here we are in a crescent pull through with quite a big front yard.  This is site 24 and it's supposedly the best site here!  Gravel area where the table is, lantern hanger and fish cleaning station.  There's also a fire ring and a grill.  All this can be yours for only $77 a week if you are a senior!

The Canadian Geese are entertaining but can be a bit noisy

This heron seems to like  this spot  I can see him wandering around right now.  Our sunset last night was gorgeous!  I so glad we had yesterday afternoon and evening.  

Today we have's a good day to stay indoors and read a book.
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