Friday, November 9, 2012

Deer Run RV Campground, Troy, Alabama

We've been here since Monday...our drive was a short and easy one from Helena.  Actually we were surprised at how smooth the roads were! A cold front (Nor'easter in NYC) came through and we've had some cooler temperatures which means we've not done much.  Neither of us like cold weather and one of us was really cold and didn't want to go out.

We did go for a walk around the campground and as you can see there are some mighty pretty colors in this area.  We also went out to lunch, Santa Fe was pretty good and I didn't have to cook

We've also made a couple of grocery runs....real exciting stuff

That's our home on the left, we're overlooking the pond.  For the past two mornings I've gotten to see the mist rising off of it....

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