Thursday, June 16, 2011

Full Moon

Did you see it last night? It was beautiful. Where were you when you saw it? We were out in the Gulf of Mexico!

A few days ago out hosts, Cindy and Pat invited us, along with Pat and Vern to join them for an after dinner boat ride. So we all headed to the marina where Fonda joined us and after a few minutes wait our ride showed up. Don’t have a clue what kind of boat it was but we all fit in it nicely.

We had a couple dolphins along side for a bit. Very cool to see them so close to the boat. We all brought cold drinks and it was relaxing being on the water with our drinks enjoying the cool breeze. For the past few days there was high pressure system sitting in the gulf and our weather was hot and humid.

We stopped on a sand bar and wandered around picking up sand dollars and shells. The water was warm and inviting..We headed back and as the day came to an end we were treated to a pretty sunset. Then darkness and off in the distance we watched heat lightening light up the sky and clouds. Just when I didn’t think it could get any better the moon made its appearance and lit up the sky and reflected off the water. Magnificent!

Just as we neared the city our captain killed the engine and we sat and drifted, just enjoying the conversation and the breeze. Sometime during the trip we learned our captain was the mayor of Cedar Key! As we drifted we discovered we had no more cold drinks left so he suggested we stop in at Coconuts for a drink or two. We pulled right up to the dock they have and he pulled down a ramp and we went in the back way. I guess he does this a lot since he owns the building. So windblown and damp we trouped in.

After a few rounds we left and headed back to the boat and then the marina. Vern picked up the tab in the bar, thanks Vern!

We got home just before midnight and we showered and went to bed!

During the night the high pressure system came ashore and when I poked my head out this morning the smoke from the fires was a very evident. But the wind was out of the east and that means less humidity!

Poor Boo has been plagued by fleas lately. He’s been dosed and sprayed and yesterday we gave him a serious haircut and another bath. I did find three fleas and gave them a proper burial. He’s still scratching today but I haven’t seen any fleas. Hopefully we’ve solved the problem.

This morning our friends Pat and Vern left. It was fun spending time with them even though Pat was on the other side of the state at a graduation over the weekend. Jim and Vern spent a lot of time together and all three of us drank to much beer!