Thursday, June 2, 2011

Feels like Home

After setting up and trying to get our satellite dish to work twice, we decided to call Motosat and terminate our service. Most campgrounds have wi-fi and our Android phones are 3g we figured we could do without internet on the roof. Of course if we can't find the satellite for internet we can't get the signal for Direct TV. So we put that on hold for awhile until we figure out what we want to do about tv. The dish is for sale....any takers?

Yesterday was busy with turning off the internet and tv. Also had to deal with insurance. That pretty much took care of the morning and I sure am glad Jim handled it. After lunch we had rain! A fast moving storm that cooled us down.

We can see this house and I'd love to see the inside!

After dinner last night we walked into town. It's a mile from here to the post office and we didn't quite make that but Jim figured we walked a mile and a half.

This guy shows up when the tide is out

Today we just relaxed the morning away. Sort of....I changed the sheets on the bed and did laundry. Sat outside and read for awhile. Jim wiped down the chairs and I think he also did the truck. He also got out the trikes and did some maintenance on them and after lunch went for a ride into town.

I made an interesting salad for our dinner tonight. I read a recipe on that had cucumbers, red pepper and chick peas with an herbal dressing. I changed it up a bit by tossing in about a half cup of olive salad and a few splashes of red wine vinegar. Jim put some feta cheese on his and we both enjoyed my new concoction!

Just dashed outside to snap some shots of the sunset....but you'll have to wait for those!
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