Monday, June 27, 2011


Yesterday sunrise was pretty. Lots of fluffy clouds east and west

This is the rainy season for Florida and it usually rains somewhere in the state. But we stayed dry yesterday. I don't recall doing anything other than the normal dishes, bed making etc. OH we drove into Chiefland for groceries. Real exciting.....

We spent some time at the Tiki Bar. I think it's Jim's favorite place. I may have a problem getting him to leave this area! :)

We bought some flea spray for Boo. And before we went to the Tiki Bar last night we sprayed him. Boy does that stuff stink! Fortunately the scent faded rapidly. He still scratched some during the night which makes me believe there might be some fleas on the quilt.

This morning we vacuumed the house thoroughly (did this last week too). Jim does a great job and with him moving the furniture we can get all the nooks and crannies. We used the flea spray under the chairs and sofa. Today was sheet day so I washed, dried and remade the bed. Just in time for Jim to take a nap.

When I brushed Boo this afternoon he didn't 'shimmy'. His skin has been so sensitive! I also didn't find any fleas. Hopefully we'll all sleep better tonight.

We had a light supper of eggs, grits, toast and tomatoes. Jim did the dishes and headed to the Tiki Bar. At the moment it's sprinkling and we are all cloudy, gloomy and gray.

Don't forget to donate to The Dray's Hug Jug. They lost everything in the fire. The jug will be gone at the end of this month.
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