Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day

I hope every dad out there has a great day today!

On Friday Bobby (Chris' son) arrived to spend the weekend with his dad.  I know they went to a movie that evening so I didn't see him until Saturday.  The two of them are quite a pair!

Sonsearae went to Houston last Thursday to be with a friend as she said goodbye to her husband.  Back home yesterday she was planning dinner as they drove home!  She's our social director.  Usually she has to work on Sunday so there isn't much time for socializing as the alarm goes off way to early for her to stay up late the night before.

Jim broke out the grill and he and Chris cooked bison burgers and corn on the cob.  I contributed some baked beans, while Sonsearae fixed tater tots and cooked a couple black bean burgers.  Some lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and condiments made up the rest of the meal. We fixed our plates and along with cold beer and iced tea we sat at the dining table and we all ate our fill and had a good time talking.  No cell phones until the meal was over.

Dinner this afternoon will be at Carrabba's as we ladies know our men like Italian food!

How will you honor the dad's in your life today?

All is right in our world!