Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Family Dinner

On Friday afternoon Jim and Matt, with some help from Chris,  installed the cooling unit on the fridge. Chris had to leave for work.  The guys labored long and hard trimming the insulation foam and getting the unit mounted and putting the fridge back in it's compartment. Unfortunately neither of them are electricians and they worked until dark trying to figure out which wire went we still don't have a fridge.

Boo and I stayed in the bedroom for what seemed like days but was only a couple hours.  I read and played games on my tablet.  Trimmed up Boo's feet and generally kept him occupied because he wanted to be in the thick of the excitement down in the kitchen.

Saturday Jim and I had errands to run and we had lunch at Twisted Tuna in Salerno.  It's a funky seafood restaurant and this was our second time eating there.  Jim had a fried flounder sandwich (enough fish for two) and I had a Greek Salad.  We both enjoyed some cold Shock Top.  The restaurant is on the water and the marina is nearby.  Always nice to sit near the water and watch water traffic.

Today we had a lovely family dinner with Sonsearae and Chris.  Jim grilled knockwursts and chicken sausage along with summer squash and zucchini.  Sonsearae fixed corn on the cob and two slaw's (one with mayo, the other with Italian dressing).  I fixed Cajun boiled potatoes and sauteed mushrooms.  It was a lot of food for four people but each family has leftovers!

I could get used to these Sunday dinners with them....

Tomorrow is the day for the wash machine to get fixed....and someone with a knowledge of schematics and wiring is coming by to see if he can figure out the electrical part of the fridge.  

Tonight we'll watch PBS

I hope you had a lovely weekend

All is right in our world