Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Red Beans and Rice

Typically on laundry day (Monday) in New Orleans the ladies would take the leftover meat from Sunday dinner, toss it in a pot with red beans, celery, onion, bell pepper (the holy trinity) some good spices and let it cook all day into yummy goodness.  Today I'm doing the sheets so it smells wonderful in here!  I know, it's not Monday but any day is good for red beans and rice.

I do make them from scratch, sometimes using canned beans, but this time I soaked my red beans a few days ago.  And they are red beans not kidney beans.  I like the smaller beans for this dish.  I also make my own Cajun seasoning so I can avoid the salt.  Just do a search for a recipe and you'll find quite a few!

Let me tell you, I think this was my best pot of beans ever!  Even Jim commented on them...now if I can only remember what all I put in that pot...it's different every time I make them.

This afternoon I also made some peaches and cream scones from King Arthur Flour.  Easy to do, just add an egg, some milk and butter.

Had a 'storm' roll through this afternoon, we didn't get much rain but it sure cooled off.  The house is open because it's in the 70's outside.  I can feel the humidity creeping in so I'll close it up soon.

All is right in our world