Thursday, April 2, 2015

Off On An Adventure Today

Sonsearae, our 'social director' has declared today the day we venture south to Delray Beach.  The birthday lady, Sierra, is visiting and we're the entertainment!  Not really and who needs an excuse to explore?  Certainly not Jim and I!

It should be a good day for traipsing around funky shops and seeing the ocean.  I'm taking my camera and hope to get some pictures to share with you.  So check back to see what kind of mischief we get into...

We stopped in the Cabana Restaurant for lunch, a little Cuban, Spanish, Caribbean menu.  Sierra, Sonsearae and Jim decided to eat from the buffet so they could sample several tasty tidbits.  I opted for a salad that included black beans, hearts of palm, bell peppers and a yummy dressing.  We also had a pitcher of Sangria Cava, perfect for dining outside.

After lunch we strolled down one side and up the other side of the street.  It's a pretty colorful area and we'll have to go back and explore some more

Then it was time to head to the beach...except we couldn't find any place to park in Delray Beach.  We decided to drive up A1A and found a county park at Boynton Beach.

The weather was perfect and a lot of folks were enjoying the surf and sand

I think Jim loved posing with two lovelies!