Monday, April 6, 2015

How was your Weekend?

On Saturday I noticed a funky smell...even though it's spring time I thought for sure some critter had died somewhere in the rig.  At first Jim didn't smell anything.  To his credit he did look in a compartment, just in case.

I kept sniffing and looking but didn't find anything.  Later when I went to get ice....we knew what the smell was and where it was coming from.  The Freezer was defrosting!  I went next door and got a big hard sided cooler from Sonsearae and Chris and loaded it up with the freezer contents and then schlepped them over and put the goodies in their chest freezer.  I left all the bottled stuff in the refrigerator knowing we'd be getting ice on Sunday.   I did put some freezer packs in there to keep everything cool.  Just like camping!  I put our coffee creamers, milk and eggs in the beer cooler.  It's full of beer and that filled it right up.

Why do 'disasters' of this nature happen on the weekend?  And it's a holiday weekend too!  A friend, who shall remain nameless,  said we could use the contents of the fridge for our Easter dinner!

Sunday morning I emptied their freezer of all their cubed ice and packed two coolers with the items from the refrigerator.  We have way to much stuff!  Pickles, olives and condiments galore!  Using the ice and freezer packs everything it good for now.  While out Sunday we brought home two bags of ice.

Speaking of Sunday, how was your Easter?  I hope your day was everything you wanted it to be.  We went into Stuart and walked the boardwalk.  Jim surprised me with a wonderful dinner at the Sailor's Return.  We walk by it every time we visit the marina.  Of course it being Easter they had a special menu and we both indulged.  Jim had chicken cordon bleu Kiev with garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus and green beans.  I ordered crab cakes with the same potatoes and veggies.  Amazing!  We both had a draft beer with our meal.  After we stuffed ourselves we decided to take some home with us.  Jim ordered another beer, a dessert called Chocolate Indulgence and I imbibed with a Grand Marnier.

Once home Jim napped and I snoozed on the lounger.  To much good food and alcohol.  We had stuffed celery for our dinner, peanut butter for Jim and vegan cream cheese for me.

The owls continue to entertain me.  Daily I see the owlet with an adult.  Sometimes I see another adult over in another tree.  The grackles have nests in the yard and harass the owls.  I can tell by their noise that the owls are nearby!

Today we started the task of organizing the coolers and cleaning the fridge.  As long as it's empty a good cleaning is called for.  Sonsearae donated a shelf in her refrigerator and those items we don't need on a daily basis are over there.  We've kept their hard sided cooler for our everyday items.

Needless to say I didn't cook much today!  We had our leftovers and again they were tasty