Friday, September 1, 2023

Hurricane Idalia

I'm sure you've heard of this Hurricane and I posted on FB about it.  But I just thought maybe someone needs to know we went through another hurricane.  What is it about the end of August?  On August 29th 2005 Katrina came ashore,  so did Idalia.  Two hurricanes that we evacuated for.  This time we closed up our rig and left her to the fates and drove to Tallahassee to stay with Sonsearae and Chris.  We did spend most of our time there watching the Weather Channel.  Watched a movie before going to bed.  I know Jim and I slept fitfully, strange bed and the storm approaching.  I must say being in a house it was very quiet!  Even with a normal storm the walls of our rig are very thin and you hear everything quite well. 

Idalia came ashore in the Big Bend Area and fortunately not a lot of people live there.  The city of Perry took a big hit!  Hurricane force winds took out a lot of trees along with the damage from Category 3 winds. That's only 55 miles from here and quite a ways inland.  Cedar Key suffered through storm surge plus the category  winds on the east side of the storm and it will be years before either of these cities are back to normal.

She finally barreled into Georgia, still a major hurricane. 

The skies were still showing some blue when we left Wildwood.  Our neighbor was packing up to leave.  Said he was going north of I-10 to ride it out.

As we drove east on Coastal Highway we could see darker clouds moving in and we had some sprinkles.  The further north we drove it was very pleasant.

August 30th this is what radar looked like at 0725.  We are the blue and Sonsearae is the red pinpoint.  They lost a piece of gutter but no other damage was seen 

We lost power in Wakulla County around 5 am but when we checked mid day it was restored.  We had lunch with Chris and Sonsearae and then returned home.  It was nice having a safe haven and not having to haul our rig to safety.  No damage to report and we only had one leak (usually happens when it rains) in a compartment

                                                    Handmade cards Because

No one displays an email on the mantel
Shows off a tweet on the refrigerator
Saves a Facebook Post in a box of treasures

Total for 2023

                                            Tri fold cards
  When you have coordinating two sided paper you can make a tri fold card!
                                          This is the front

Opening left to right

Fully open

Reverse order on these two, the paper has a delicate light print

Front of cards

I also did a couple with Dainty Delight DSP (retired) from Stampin' Up!

All is right in our world

If you would like to purchase my cards, let me know!

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