Friday, March 3, 2017

Where were you a year ago?

We were in Florida. Indiantown to be precise.  You've probably never been there because it's way out in the country.  You see our son in law was the Warden at the prison and we were parked in his and Sonsearae's backyard.  We went there so Jim could recover from his bypasses. Chris got a well deserved promotion and was transferred to Tallahassee.  So we were on the road again.

We love the area, Stuart is a charming city and Port St Lucie is a growing area for the retired set. We'll go back, I'm sure. We hope to winter there again. Who knows, maybe this year.

I'm still working on being pain free. Another visit to the VA and this time they think it's nerve related and not my hip (good news!).  Could be related to my back surgery....anyway lidocaine patches were procured and I'm using them.  Couldn't hurt, right?  On Monday I see a physical therapist and learn about a 'Tens Unit'. It's a muscle stimulator.  I've never heard of it and it will be interesting to use it.

Today we brought home two Lazy Boy rocker recliners.  We were due for new furniture and we both needed chairs that support our aging bones.  Perhaps this will help my nervy problem.

The resort is getting empty, on the 1st of March 57 rigs headed out.  Soon all the Winter Texans will be on the road heading to their northern homes.  Though the northern areas are still enjoying cold, snowy weather we are enjoying spring. The trees are flowering and seeing that green makes me happy.  Migration has also started and I look forward to seeing the birds fly through.  Haven't spotted a Robin yet.

All is right in our world