Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Lovely Weather

Last Friday we picked up our new rocker recliners from Lazy Boy.  The two of us even managed to get them in the house all by ourselves!  They're a good color  but they don't match our orange speckled rug.  Apparently I have to adjust myself to this change.  I'm sitting in a different location beside Jim instead of the end of the rig.  I can't use my computer table because of the bump from the slide.  We both have our laptops set up on the dining room table and sitting on that chair is awkward for me....my feet don't touch the floor! 

On Saturday we had a rainy day...it rained all day and I'm sure the trees, bushes and plants loved it.  Now we're enjoying mild temperatures and it looks like Spring.

On Monday I went to the VA and was instructed on how to use a Tens Unit.  I wasn't in there long and I left with a four lead Unit.  It comes with batteries, charger for said batteries and the leads and pads. I was also given extra pads that I can get from any VA clinic.  All I had to do was charge the batteries when I got home. 

Which I forgot.  On the way home we stopped at the Post Office to mail a package of Stampin' Up! catalogs to Terry.  Jim then drove to Bed Bath and Beyond  where we bought a gel cushion for me to sit on.  We've contemplated buying one before for traveling.  One more stop at Sam's Club for tomato sauce and we then headed home.  Once we pulled into our site a neighbor invited us to her site for happy hour....first we had a bite to eat because drinking beer was involved!  That's why I forgot to charge the batteries!

This morning, as soon as I thought I could, I asked Jim to 'hook' me up.  Because the pain is on the left side the pads had to be on my backside.  He did a fine job putting the pads on and attaching the leads and after a few minutes of re-reading the instructions I finally was able to turn the machine on.

I've used it off and on during the day and I must say it does work.  It will not take the pain away but it 'masks' it for awhile and I can stand and do chores without to much fuss.  Better than taking addictive pain killers.

We went to HEB this morning and I did well.  Using and wearing (carry in pocket or clip to waistband) this machine will take some getting used to.  I can change the intensity and duration of time.  I have to find what works best for me.

Jim has been wonderful in helping me with my chores and I love him dearly....cuz he stills loves me even when I snap at him.  It's no fun being in pain!

I'm not sure if this pain will ever go away but at least now I can get some relief from it

All is right in our world