Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Weekend is Upon Us

The weather has been wonderful the last few days. I only wish I could be out more to enjoy it.  My battle with this sciatica pain is ongoing.  The tens unit helps but it's doing nothing to 'heal' it.  The past couple of evenings I've sat in the hot tub and that is heavenly.  For ten-fifteen minutes I float and there is no pain.

We're working today and tomorrow and that's really not exciting, as most have left for their travels. North, west...wherever.  Soon all our neighbors will be gone. Not much mail coming in and nothing to keep us busy except signing out bikes and park passes. We take our tablets and read, play games or watch movies.  The WiFi at the office is fast!

Spring is really bursting out here.  The showers we've had in recent weeks has made it's presence known. The trees, flowers and bushes are leafing out and once again it's green again.  I like that!  Much to drab and brown during winter.

Took some time yesterday to finish up some cards.  The larger ones are from Club Scrap, the other two are trade cards.

All is right in our world